Through their work, the Poltava Committee enables our progressive sister congregation, Congregation Beth Am in Poltava, Ukraine, to reach out to young Jewish families to help them rediscover their Judaism.

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Being Jewish in the Ukraine is not easy -- discrimination is rampant and funds are almost non-existent. The funds raised by the Poltava Committee, including a portion of Beth Am members' contributions to the World Union for Progressive Judaism, go to support the religious and education programs and operations of Poltava's Jewish community. Whether it's Shabbat services, Passover Seders, Chanukah celebrations or B'nei Mitzvah twinning opportunities, our support helps make it happen.
Our Committee meets regularly to plan fundraisers, such as home-cooked Shabbat dinners after services (that are eagerly anticipated and well attended), arts & craft fairs and "Poltava Parties" at member homes.
Donations to the Poltava Fund help us carry out our vision of tikkun olam. To learn more, please contact Cherie or call (650) 493-4661.

Support Our Sister Synagogue in Ukraine, Congregation Beth Am of Poltava — The Poltava Committee is collecting old cellphones to send to the Poltava Jewish community! The Poltava recipients will fix them up and then resell them to help raise funds for their community. Before you donate your phone, please remove your SIM card (Subscriber Identity Module) so that none of your information will remain on the phone. Then, drop off the phone(s) in the basket marked "Poltava" before or after Shabbat services. Note: We are also collecting tallitot and tefilin for the Poltava Jewish community to use. Thank you for supporting Beth Am of Poltava.