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Rabbi Janet Marder
April 29, 2016

What does it mean to be Jewish? What does it mean to you? You may remember that the 2013 Pew Study, “A Portrait of Jewish Americans,” asked that question to explore Jewish identity in 21st century America. The results: almost three-quarters of American Jews said that remembering the Holocaust was for them essential to being Jewish. Almost as many (69%) said that leading an ethical and moral life was core to their Jewish identity. 56% chose “working for justice and equality.” A sizable group chose specific personality traits: 49% said being Jewish means being intellectually curious; 42% said it means...

Rabbi Heath Watenmaker
Pesach Yizkor 5776
April 29, 2016

Dear Oma,

This week marks eleven years you’ve been gone. I still remember our visit when you had first gone into the hospital. You had just returned from your annual trip to Acapulco, and I hadn't seen you in a few months. I remember telling you with excitement about Amy, who I had just started dating earlier in the year. And, when you asked how things were going, I confessed that I was thinking of proposing to her. You were the first person I told. But that’s how our relationship worked - there were so many big things over the...

April 15, 2016

This Shabbat, the shabbat before Passover is called Shabbat Ha-Gadol, the Great Shabbat.   Traditionally on Shabbat Ha-Gadol, the Rabbi would give his (and it was his) longest sermon of the year.  Likely part of that sermon, was going over all of the intricate rules of Passover.   So, since I’m up here, and I do love tradition.   Fasten your seatbelt. 

My Grandfather Bernie Prosnit had a belief about sermons.  Surprisingly, it didn’t have anything to do with length or topic.  He was convinced that the word - I - should never appear in a sermon.   He didn’t need to hear about...

Rabbi Heath Watenmaker
April 1, 2016



Show of hands, how many of you:

  • Are vegetarian?
  • Eat no meat or limited amounts of meat?
  • Are gluten free? Dairy free? Egg free? Nut free?
  • Eat only organic products?
  • Only eat sustainably produced foods?
  • Only eat ethically produced foods?
  • Try to eat locally grown foods?
  • Follow some aspect of Jewish dietary laws?

Many of us already put a good deal of thought into the food choices we make. For some of us, it is about avoiding allergens, for others it is about trying to eat healthy, balanced meals, for some it is an opportunity to...

Rabbi Jonathan Prosnit
March 18, 2016


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