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Rabbi Janet Marder
May 19, 2017

Dear Graduate,

Wow – you did it! You sat there under the sun in your cap and gown – a 21st century grad in 12th century attire. You sat there with rows and rows of strangers and friends -- all of you happy and excited and proud. You listened to the speeches, the words instructing you to reflect back and remember; to look ahead and dream. You did just that, and maybe you shed a tear. You walked up onto that stage and shook hands, accompanied by cheers and applause from the people who had loved you and supported you...

Rabbi Sarah Weissman
Erev Shabbat Service
May 12, 2017

“When my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, we ate well. Mary Beth and I had both read the terrifying pathology report of a tumor the size of an olive. The surgical digging for lymph nodes was followed by months of radiation. We ate very well….  Our family feasted for months on the lovingly prepared dishes brought by friends from work and church and the neighborhood: chicken breasts encrusted with parmesan, covered safely in tin foil; pots of thick soup with hearty bread; bubbling pans of lasagna and macaroni and cheese. There were warm home-baked rolls in tea towel-covered baskets,...

Rabbi Miriam Philips
Erev Shabbat Service
April 28, 2017

In study after study, the greatest factor in student learning is teacher quality, by a huge margin. And let me say, we at Beth Am are incredibly blessed by the quality of our teachers. When I was preparing to give this drash on Teacher Appreciation Shabbat, I asked Mike Mason,  to tell me what’s great about the teachers he supervises. Mike told me, "It is a total joy to watch our students interact with our teachers.  Sundays are filled with smiles both ways.  From students to teachers and from teachers to students.  It is a testament to our teachers that...

Rabbi Jon Prosnit
April 21, 2017

After interviewing at Beth Am six years ago, I remember driving back to the airport with Erin and telling her that I thought things went really well.  Beth Am was a community we could see ourselves as part of.  The campus was stunning, the staff warm, we liked being close to her family in Northern California. Sure there were too many 49ers and Giants fans, but even they weren’t bitter rivals with the Mets and Jets.  It was great to meet our High School students and interact with so many creative and thoughtful people.  I thought the teaching at my...

Rabbi Janet Marder
Passover 2017 Yizkor Service
April 17, 2017

‘Eating the Cookies,’ by Jane Kenyon:

The cousin from Maine, Knowing
about her diverticulitis, left out the nuts,
so the cookies weren't entirely to my taste,
but they were good enough; yes, good enough.

Each time I emptied a drawer or shelf
I permitted myself to eat one.
I cleared the closet of silk caftans
that slipped easily from clattering hangers,
and from the bureau I took her nightgowns
and sweaters, financial documents
neatly cinctured in long gray envelopes,
and the hairnets and peppermints she'd tucked among

Lucite frames abounding with great-grandchildren,
solemn in their holiday finery.

Finally the drawers...


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