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Beth Am espouses a commitment to others not just through action but also through advocacy. While we never endorse political parties or candidates, we do tirelessly advocate for issues and policies that affect those in need. If you are interested in learning more about the initiatives below, please contact the listed contact in the logged-in-only accessible section at the bottom of this page.

Gun Violence Prevention
Initiative Against Human Trafficking
Pursue Justice, VOTE! Project

Gun Violence Prevention: This new Beth Am initiative is addressing the problem of gun violence in our communities and beyond through education and advocacy, in partnership with other organizations. 

Initiative Against Human Trafficking: The Beth Am initiative against human trafficking strives to educate our community about the scourge of human trafficking and ways we might work together to combat it. Please join us to learn about what we can do individually and as a community to combat the injustices of human trafficking. Our group is a partner organization of the San Francisco Collaborative Against Human Trafficking

Pursue Justice, VOTE! Project: Beth Am members are encouraged to learn about and become involved in the civic engagement and social justice issues that affect our congregation, our community, our state and our nation and to take action to create change. This project runs Beth Am's annual, non-partisan voter registration drive as well as candidate and educational forums on a variety of social justice issues. In addition, we encourage coalition building with other groups interested in civic engagement and social justice. 

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