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November/December President's Column by Jay Hirsh: The Kids Are Back
As the Beth Am community, we all share in supporting the mission to provide our children with an outstanding Jewish education that gives them a foundation in our traditions and values, connects them with Klal Yisrael, the Jewish people, and prepares them to contribute to making the world a better place. If you are not too familiar with what’s been happening with youth education, here are some highlights...

Know a Beth Am Member Who Would Enjoy Some Regular Friendly Contact from Co-Members?
Yad l'Yad is an established Beth Am group of lay-trained members who commit to regular contact with other members in support and friendship. We are concerned about the increased risk of isolation during this unprecedented time in our lives, and would like to offer our outreach. If you or someone you know would like to explore having a Yad l’Yad friendly visitor (primarily virtual visits at this time), contact us at

Tikvah Peer Support
This program offers one-to-one emotional support for our members who are facing a life challenge. Trained volunteers meet with members who are struggling with COVID-related challenges, job loss, bereavement, illness, divorce, a child in trouble or other difficult situations. The program matches congregants in need with a volunteer who is trained to provide compassionate support in times of crisis. All contacts are strictly confidential and may extend over several months. (The Tikvah Program is a lay support program and does not replace professional counseling.)


Join a Beth Am Virtual Sh'ma Group
Sh’ma Groups are small, intimate, regularly-scheduled gatherings of people who want to have fun, make new friends, learn and celebrate their Judaism. And now, you can join a group that will meet over Zoom!

Download the Beth Am App
If you’re not using the Beth Am app, you’re missing out! Access your account, the membership directory and more – all from your smartphone. Available for download for iOS and Android.


November/December Clergy Column by Rabbi Jeremy S. Morrison: Should Congregation Beth Am Adopt the Practice of Land Acknowledgement?
Often, as I look out towards the Los Altos Hills from the bimah, I imagine what they looked like before the construction of the homes and buildings that are now part of the landscape. And during this past High Holy Day season, I began to wonder who dwelled on our land before we did?

Chanukah 2021 | 5782: Sunday, November 28-Sunday, December 5
Chanukah reminds Jews to rededicate themselves to stand against forces that would destroy Judaism and to keep alive the flame of Jewish religion, culture and peoplehood so that it may be passed on to the next generation. Celebrate with Beth Am!

Help Beth Am Thrive

November/December 2021 Fund in Focus: Hunger and Homelessness Fund
ocal organizations providing food and shelter are facing a high demand for services from the increasing number of people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, especially as unemployment benefits run out for some.  Your contribution helps the Beth Am community fulfill our sacred obligation to comfort and support the less fortunate in our midst.

End of Year Giving: 2021
As we approach the end of the calendar year, a reminder of the many ways to make end of year gifts to Beth Am to support our community and provide you with tax advantages for this year’s filing. We hope you will consider Beth Am in your year-end charitable plans. 2021 Tax-deductible contributions must arrive by Friday, December 31.

What Will Your Legacy Be?
When you give thought to your estate plans, naturally you will prioritize caring for your family and other loved ones first and foremost. Frequently the second step is considering the other ways you want your values to carry on, such as through the charitable organizations that have been meaningful in your life and who do work that is important to you. Legacy gifts come in all sizes and multiple forms, including wills, retirement funds, real estate, or through your Donor Advised Fund.


November Tzedakah Box: Project WeHOPE
Beth Am's November Tzedakah Box supports Project WeHOPE, an East Palo Alto-based non-profit with a commitment to eliminate homelessness, hunger, underemployment and recidivism for East Palo Area neighbors. Founded in 1999, Project WeHOPE provides a range of different services, including emergency food and shelter, mobile homeless services and job training and life skills.

Facing Our Truths:  Small Group Conversations on Race
Beth Am’s Racial Equity and Justice (REJ) committee will be convening discussion groups starting in January of 2022. The 6-session curriculum will cover a set of topics focused on diversity, equity and inclusion including: white fragility, white supremacy, school to prison pipeline, the role of Jews and the Jewish community in challenging racism and other forms of oppression.

Beth Am Hunger & Homelessness Winter Campaign
As our calendar turns to winter months and the temperatures on the thermometer drop, at Beth Am we take the time to recognize that there are many in our local community who are struggling to find adequate housing and food. This year, due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, the need continues to be great, and demands on local organizations serving people in need have skyrocketed.

Adult / Youth Education

Adult Education Opportunities: This Fall and Beyond
There are numerous learning opportunities for adults at Beth Am, from drop-in classes to more formal courses. Many of our offerings are free and open to the general public; others have a fee or are meant specifically for Beth Am members. Beth Am’s learning opportunities are designed to build relationships, helping us connect more deeply with our history, with the traditions of the Jewish people and with one another. Check out what's coming up!


Fri, December 3 2021 29 Kislev 5782