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Celebrate Chanukah 2020 With Beth Am

Chanukah, which means “dedication,” is the festival that commemorates the purification and rededication of the Temple following the defilement caused by the Greeks during their occupation of that holy place. Today, the holiday reminds Jews to rededicate themselves to stand against forces that would destroy Judaism and to keep alive the flame of Jewish religion, culture and peoplehood so that it may be passed on to the next generation.

Below you will find a schedule of Beth Am Chanukah celebrations as well as Chanukah resources and Chanukah shopping suggestions.

Volunteer Opportunity: Please consider participating in our Chanukah candle delivery to Beth Am members who are 80 years old and above. Learn more and sign up by December 4.

Beth Am Chanukah Schedule

Friday, December 4 (pre-Chanukah)

Candle Delivery: Today is the deadline to sign up to participate in our Chanukah delivery program.
3:30-5:30 PM: Chanukah Mystery Box Pick-Up Parade (PreK-7th Grade Families)

Sunday, December 6 (pre-Chanukah)

10:30 AM: Jewish Baby Network Chanukah Party
5:45 PM: BATY Pre-Chanukah Hang Out (Grades 8-12)

Thursday, December 10: 1st Night

6:15 PM: Chanukah Candlelighting

Friday, December 11: 2nd Night ♦♦

5:00 PM: Tot Shabbat — Story Time, Songs and Chanukah Celebration
6:15 PM: Drive-In Family Chanukah Shabbat (K-5th Grade Families + Siblings)
6:15 PM: Chanukah Shabbat Service — Have your own chanukiyah ready to light during the service!

Saturday, December 12: 3rd Night ♦♦♦

6:15 PM: Chanukah Candlelighting

Sunday, December 13: 4th Night ♦♦♦♦

4:45 PM: Kids Chanukah Hang Out (Grades PreK-5)
5:30 PM: Youth Education Community Chanukah Candlelighting (PreK-8th Grade Families)
5:45 PM: BAJY Chanukah Hang Out (Grades 6-8)
6:15 PM: Chanukah Candlelighting

Monday, December 14: 5th Night ♦♦♦♦♦

6:15 PM: Chanukah Candlelighting

Tuesday, December 15: 6th Night ♦♦♦♦♦♦

6:15 PM: Chanukah Candlelighting

Wednesday, December 16: 7th Night ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦

6:15 PM: Chanukah Candlelighting
8:15 PM: Teen Chanukah Community Candlelighting (8-12 Grade Families)

Thursday, December 17: 8th Night ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦

6:15 PM: Chanukah Candlelighting

Chanukah Resources

Chanukah Shopping Suggestions

Consider doing your Chanukah shopping through one of our merchant partners. Beth Am will receive a percentage of your purchases!

  • ModernTribe: Beth Am receives a portion of purchases made using the Beth Am link. Get free shipping on orders over $75. And always easy returns. ModernTribe is contemporary Judaica that fits your lifestyle.
  • Kepler's Books: We also enjoy a partnership with Kepler's Books, which will donate a portion of your purchase back to Beth Am each time you shop — as long as you enter Kepler's site using the Beth Am link. You may also generate a contribution to Beth Am when you shop at the Kepler's Books store in Menlo Park by mentioning Beth Am at the register.
Fri, November 27 2020 11 Kislev 5781