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Shirat Ha Yoga: A BAW Yoga Group

Yoga, Jewish History and Hebrew Poetry

In Hebrew, Shirah means poetry.  We chose the name Shirat Ha Yoga (which means The Poetry of Yoga) to reflect the poetic quality of our yoga practice — a gentle movement meditation that flows like a poem or a song, as we glide from one pose into the next, just like each verse flows into the next, naturally and effortlessly; that, like a poem or a song, is imbued with meaning though the integration, each time, of a powerful theme drawn from the rich reservoir of Jewish wisdom; and that, each time, actually incorporates a beautiful poem in Hebrew which perfectly matches our theme.

Together we create community with Shirat HaYoga, a seamless integration of flow yoga, Jewish wisdom, and Hebrew poetry. Experience the benefits of yoga (strength, flexibility, balance, deep relaxation), explore Jewish values like gratitude, generosity and peace, as well as themes linked to particular Jewish holidays, and immerse yourself in the beauty of Hebrew verse through our practice of “poetry in motion!”

We meet on the fourth Monday of every month. For additional information about this Beth Am Women group, please contact
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We strive to live as a holy community whose study and practice of Judaism inspires and challenges us to "do justice, to love kindness and to walk humbly with our God" (Micah 6:8).