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Shabbat Together (Shabbat B’Yachad)

Nourish your family. Nourish yourself. Join Shabbat Together.

A new family learning program for families whose oldest child is entering Kindergarten
Saturdays, 3:45 - 6:15 PM, starting in Fall 2017; Dinner included!

Imagine eating matzah ball soup at a seder that you and your children are helping your group lead. Imagine painting Shabbat candlesticks with your children, with images or words that reflect the values of Shabbat you want to incorporate into your family’s life. Imagine braiding a Havdalah candle with your kids, while learning why Havdalah candles symbolize the diversity of Jewish families today. Imagine sharing all these experiences, followed by a beautiful musical celebration of Havdalah and dinner with your friends. Precious moments like these await families who participate in shabbat together.

Shabbat Together is a new, weekly Beth Am family experience for families whose oldest child is entering Kindergarten. You’ll have a chance to celebrate Shabbat with your family, make family friends and eat dinner with your community. Shabbat Together will meet on Saturday afternoons and will include a lively song session, Havdalah*, parallel adult and child learning time with our clergy and educators, and family project time. The family learning will be primarily experiential, based on creating meaningful projects together, driven in part by participants’ interests.

Occasionally, we’ll venture off the Beth Am campus for hikes, mitzvah projects and other activities. Each session will conclude with dinner as a Shabbat Together community. Not only is this one less meal for busy parents to plan, it will provide more time for relationships to develop. We’ll even have playground coverage during dinner, so parents have a chance to relax!

Please help us spread the word about this exciting new program. Registration is now open! Or, learn more about joining Congregation Beth Am.

For more information, please contact Rabbi Miriam Philips, (650) 493-4665.

The curriculum will be built around Project-Based Learning. Those attending Shabbat Together do not need to enroll in Sunday Program.

*Havdalah is a short, sweet ceremony that separates Shabbat from the rest of the week. It includes smelling spices, drinking grape juice, lighting a braided candle and singing with the lights turned down low.Those attending Shabbat Together do not need to enroll in Sunday Program.

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