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Sunday Lunch & Learn

Sunday Lunch & Learn

6th-9th Grades
Vicki Streeter, Interim Program Director
Sunday Lunch & Learn meets: 2-3 Sundays a month from 11:45 AM - 1:15 PM

There will be time for the students to get to know their peers who are all working for a common good.

6th - 9th Grades

6th grade will be building on the concept of community by allowing the students to mingle & mix with each other during their lunch time. The curriculum will introduce the concept of Jewish values and mitzvot and how they can learn and live by them as they become young men and women in today’s society. The lesson will include music, art and lots of discussions between students/students and students/teachers.

7th grade will continue building on the concept of community by allowing the students to mingle & mix with each other. Team building and group cooperation will be an essential part of this class development. The curriculum will begins with additional mitzvot and values pertaining to their daily lives. Also included for 7th graders will be exploring ways to use music and media to enhance the students’ Jewish identity and connection. Students will be able to articulate how Jewish music is a type of midrash (an interpretation of a Jewish text). They will also focus on identifying core Jewish principles that are embedded in Jewish Rock music.

8th and 9th grades Make a Difference! Maimonides wrote, “See yourself as though the entire world is held in balance, and any one deed you do could tip the scales for you and the entire world to the good.” Lunch & Learn* for 8th and 9th grade (Make a Difference) is a hands-on opportunity for students to put jewish values into action. Students will study the attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that make a person a mensch, and will use their critical thinking and leadership skills to make a difference in the community. The program follows a two year curriculum cycle with 4-6 units per year, each consisting of three sessions - one session of planning, one session of field project and one session to wrap up and make connections. For example, when students study homelessness, they will visit and volunteer at a shelter run by LifeMoves. Some of the field projects will be directed by the instructors, other will come from the students’ ideas, making this their program. The instructors will link the projects to ritual and ethical mitzvot, such as tzedakah and advocacy. The group will explore the mitzvot on their personal terms and finding meaning in the wisdom of our sages. As our Midrash teaches, “All that God created, God made to be improved.”

Schedule for the 2019-20/5780 School year will be released soon (please stay tuned).

There will also be Shabbat Dinner & Movie nights. Those dates are:

  • For 7th - 9th graders and their families: Friday, November 1, 2019, 6:15 PM (service); 7:30 PM (dinner)
  • For 6th graders and their families: Friday, March 20, 2020 6:15 PM (service); 7:30 PM (dinner)

*Regarding Sunday Lunch & Learn Food: Beth Am will provide a variety of kid-friendly meals and water during each session. If your student has special dietary needs of any kind, please contact us at

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