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Beit R'fuah

Beit R'fuah

Beit R'fuah is Beth Am’s support group for those coping with mental health issues and the family and friends who help and sustain them. Our monthly meetings are confidential, lay-led meetings that are held in a safe and caring environment. The group usually meets the second Wednesday of each month, starting with a potluck dinner followed by sharing and discussion among participants.

Mental illness is the disability that crosses all age groups, cultures and economic backgrounds; 1 in 4 will experience it in their lifetime. It is the illness that isolates because of fear and shame, even among family members. The stigma of mental illness manifests itself even in our Jewish communal life, where often it is seen as a weakness, not an illness, causing victims and their families to hide this disability from the community and delay or deny medical treatment.

For more information, email Mental Health.

I felt as if I had nowhere to go until I started attending the Jewish mental health support group at your temple. It is so wonderful to have a temple reach out to the mentally ill. Many of us are quite isolated, and as a result get lonely and despondent about our lives and condition... I am so glad that there are congregations that seek to help us. We are mostly a talented, smart, educated population who got ill in the prime of our lives. Yet we have much to give, if there are others in the community who are ready to receive. For what you are doing, opening your temple and heart to me and others with mental illness, I am extremely grateful.  -- Words from a Beit R'fuah Attendee

Please see the Resource Box at right for a recommended Mental Health Resources Listing, designed to gather critical information about services available in our local community available to those needing help for themselves or loved ones who are dealing with mental illness.  It is important to note that specific counties provide different services so it's important, especially in time of crisis, to know what is available where you live.

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