Welcome to Congregation Beth Am's: 2-Minute Meditations | Congregation Beth Am

Welcome to Congregation Beth Am's: 2-Minute Meditations

Welcome to Congregation Beth Am's: 2-Minute Meditations

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When life is stressful and challenging, Jewish tradition can be a source of spiritual enrichment and peace. In the midst of habit and routine, returning to our Source can restore our awareness of the miracles all around us.

We have created these two-minute meditations to open the doors to the treasures of our tradition. We hope that they will help you find a few moments each day to replenish your spirit. Let these holy words guide you towards a quiet mind, a peaceful heart and inner strength.

These two-minute meditations are based on the Psalms, some of our earliest personal prayers. The Psalms give us outpourings of fear, faith, outrage, joy and thanks. Though they come from the distant past, they speak directly to the mind and soul, providing inspiration for our own meditative practice.

-- Janet Marder, Senior Rabbi

Feel free to to listen to these psalm recordings in whatever pattern and frequency suits you. In each track, you will hear a verse of the psalm, chanted in Hebrew by Cantor Jaime Shpall. Translation follows, with reflections by Rabbi Janet Marder, reprises of the chant, and brief suggestions for your own contemplative silence. Please take the options offered as invitations rather than instructions. Just as there is more than one way to be Jewish, there is more than one way to meditate. If a certain approach seems to wake you up, you may want to keep doing it and see where it takes you.

Before you listen, see if you can select a space a little apart from the demands of daily life. You can sit on a chair or a cushion; you can also walk very deliberately as you let the sounds wash over you.
When the last chant quiets on a given recording, continue to sit for some time. If you are new to meditation, start with a couple of minutes and gradually lengthen the time in successive sittings. You can focus your attention on your breath, on visual images evoked by the poetry, or on the sound of a phrase in Hebrew or English. Notice places in your body that seem to respond. Notice how your mind takes off in various directions and lovingly bring it back to your chosen focus.

--Rachael Shea, Meditation Teacher


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