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Do You Have a Vacation Home in Napa or Sonoma?

Would You Consider Renting It out on a Long-Term Basis to a Member Family of Shomrei Torah Who Has Lost Their Home?

Watching the wildfires that have ravaged the North Bay area this week from afar has generated feelings of grief, loss and helplessness. Support from within the community itself, from the greater Bay Area, and indeed from around the country has been pouring in.

But there's one major way in which the situation remains desperate and in which there is no plan in place to improve things. Before the fires, there was already a housing crisis in Sonoma County. Now, with thousands of homes destroyed by the fires, the situation is dire and the need immediate.

Families remain stranded at hotels, moving from house to house, and in shelters, with all of their worldly possessions stuffed into their cars, and with no idea whether they will have a roof over their heads tomorrow, next week, next month and beyond.

We can't turn back time and stop the fires from happening. We can't undo the trauma, and we can't rebuild people's lives.

But we can put roofs over their heads. We can give them the security of a home base while they figure out how to put their lives back together. We can make sure that they can stay in their community, the community that they love and that they need to get through this. Because the truth is that while so many are now homeless, there are empty homes that could house them, and we have the power to open them up.

Those of us who have vacation homes in Sonoma or Napa County or near the impacted areas can choose to give up our weekends there for 1-2 years to house people (charging rent or not) who have been displaced. We can choose to carry a little bit of the burden so that those who have lost everything can have the thing they need the most.
Temporary housing or rooms in someone’s homes are not needed at this time, only long term rentals.
If you have a home you might be willing to rent to a nice family please email Thank you for your consideration.

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