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Teen Nights: Session 5 - Spring 2021

8th & 9th Grade: Let’s Debate!

Taught by Chelsea Mandell

8th and 9th graders will come together and explore classic Talmudic opinions. What does Judaism say about the death penalty or how about something as simple as finding a lost object? We will be together to hear a scenario and then go into breakout rooms to come up with thoughtful debates and opinions on the ethical questions we are presented from Talmud. Be ready for lively discussion and debate!


10th Grade: The Confirmation Ceremony

Taught by Rabbi Heath Watenmaker  

In this final session of Confirmation, we'll put all the pieces together from all that we've learned together over the past year. The main task of this session will be to review what we've learned and prepare for the Confirmation Ceremony on Saturday, May 8.


11th & 12th: Grade Israel Exploration

Taught by Rabbi Jeremy S. Morrison

As a continuation of the unit that we began last session with Rabbi Heath Watenmaker, Rabbi Jeremy Morrison will guide you in a conversation about Israel and what it means to you. How does Israel connect to your identity? Should you have a connection to Israel? What is happening in Israel today? We will provide the space and the opportunity to explore Israel in a thoughtful way and ask all your questions! This session will be a two-session series; stay tuned for how we will end the year together!

Fri, October 22 2021 16 Cheshvan 5782