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Watch, listen or read the sermons in our listing of recordings below. Alternatively, you may subscribe to the Beth Am Sermons Podcast.

Watch, listen or read the sermons in our listing of recordings below. Alternatively, you may subscribe to the Beth Am Sermons Podcast.



August 2, 2019

Shabbat Shalom. It’s a pleasure to see so many people here.  Thank you for joining us for Shabbat Services on this beautiful summer evening.

As Rabbi Heath said, my name is Vidya Kagan.  My family and I have been part of the Beth Am community for 5 years.  We have experienced many simchas during our time here, including our daughter’s Bat Mitzvah in 2016. We have also learned a lot over the past 5 years, thanks to our experienced and dedicated clergy and staff, and our diverse congregation. In fact, it’s our large congregation that drew me to Beth Am. ...

Micaela Hellman-Tincher
July 26, 2019

I was a very fearful child. I was scared of dogs. Of fire. Of chicken soup, for a time. And I was very scared of sleepovers.

I rarely could bring myself to make it through a whole sleepover without needing a parent to pick me up. When I did, I was miserable.

So, when my Beth Am class was going on an overnight to LA, my mom called the Rabbi to see what could be done. Could I be placed with a friend? Could I change my homestay away from one where there was a dog? And because Beth Am...

Caryn Huberman
July 20, 2019

I’m going to be speaking about this week’s Torah portion, Numbers 22:2 through Numbers 25.9; in Hebrew “Numbers” is “BaMidbar”—“In the Wildness”--and its connection to the topic of our Asilomar weekend, Judaism and nature.

The entire book of Numbers, BaMidbar, has the previously enslaved Israelites wandering in the desert.

The main story in this portion features Balaam, a non-Jewish seer or prophet. The portion occurs during the sojourn of the Israelites in the plains of Moab, east of the Jordan River, at the close of 40 years of wandering, shortly prior to the death of Moses and the crossing of...

Jeff Sugarman
July 19, 2019

One hundred years ago, my grandparents immigrated to America.  Like two million other Eastern European Jews during that period, they were fleeing poverty and pogroms, in search of a better life.    The immigrant story is central to American Jewry.   Yet,  many of us born in America have no personal connection to the immigrants’ hardships and progress.   Their experiences are only imagined, through documentary films, a few tattered photographs, or, if we are lucky, stories passed down through the generations.

Two times over the last two years, my wife Frederique and I have joined a large contingent of Beth Am members...

Debbie LaFetra
July 12, 2019

When I was 8 years old, I had my first talking role in a school play. I was Mrs. Zuckerman, the farmer’s wife, in Charlotte’s Web. Unlike all the other children dressed as adorable barnyard animals, I strode on stage in a long skirt and apron and hollered out across the auditorium, “Homer! Lurvy! Pig’s out. He’s down under the apple tree!” No one marked this debut in particularly auspicious terms but it was the beginning of the typecasting that followed me all the way through high school. In every play for the next 9 years, I was cast as...


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