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Watch, listen or read the sermons in our listing of recordings below. Alternatively, you may subscribe to the Beth Am Sermons Podcast.

Watch, listen or read the sermons in our listing of recordings below. Alternatively, you may subscribe to the Beth Am Sermons Podcast.



Rabbi Jonathan Prosnit
March 23, 2018

** The Passover Seder is a class, with the Haggadah as textbook and the Seder leader as a primary instructor. This metaphor stems from the notion that the mitzvah to be fulfilled at the Seder is to tell the story of our people’s redemption from bondage. The method of instruction is thoroughly up to date in that it uses not only words but also choreography (sitting and standing, opening and closing doors, holding up different symbolic foods, searching for the afikomen) and other forms of experi ential learning (consuming different foods, dripping the wine with our fingers, and music). Also...

Rabbi Heath Watenmaker
March 2, 2018


Where do we encounter holiness in our daily lives? Is it in moments of profound connection or meaningful conversation with a good friend or family member? Is it encountering a beautiful sight in nature; perhaps a beautiful sunset or a forest of majestic giant sequoias? Is it in marching in protest, working towards the pursuit of justice?

And when we encounter these holy moments, how do we respond? How do we acknowledge them? Do we tend to acknowledge them, or do they tend to just slip by, unremarkably?

It’s not easy to remain attuned to these moments...

Rabbi Jonathan Prosnit
February 16, 2018

The New York Times.  Wednesday February 8th, 2018. “He was a long-shot candidate with no prior political experience, and so very few people noticed when Aaron Coleman announced he was running for governor of Kansas last July. Those he told did not take him seriously — he could not even vote in the last election.

But in Kansas, there are no minimum age restrictions to run and at 17, Mr. Coleman is one of six teenagers who have announced their bids in the last year to become chief executive of the state...

In a political climate where many are disillusioned,...

Nirit Zandman
February 9, 2018

Good evening and Shabbat Shalom. I am excited (and a little nervous) to be speaking here tonight. But mostly I feel honored to partner with this amazing community in our continued effort to make Beth Am a place of belonging for all.

I’ve often been asked what led me to my work and why I am so passionate about inclusion. When I started thinking about these questions, I found that the answers trace back to my early childhood and upbringing. Growing up on a kibbutz in the Negev, I was raised on the principles of Collective Education. One of the...


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