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Watch, listen or read the sermons in our listing of recordings below. Alternatively, you may subscribe to the Beth Am Sermons Podcast.

Watch, listen or read the sermons in our listing of recordings below. Alternatively, you may subscribe to the Beth Am Sermons Podcast.



Rabbi Janet Marder
May 17, 2004

The Wound-Dresser: HUC Ordination Remarks

           “Bearing the bandages, water and sponge,

Straight and swift to my wounded I go,

Where they lie on the ground after the battle brought in,

Where their priceless blood reddens the grass the ground,

Or to the rows of the hospital tent, or under the roof’d hospital,

To the long rows of cots up and down each side I return,

To each and all one after another I draw near, not one do I miss,

…I onward go, I stop,

With hinged knee and steady hand to dress wounds…”
                                                      --From “The Wound-Dresser,” inDrum-Taps...

Rabbi Josh Zweiback
May 15, 2004
Rabbi Chuck Briskin
May 14, 2004

Have you seen those priceless commercials for MasterCard.  I have my own version now:  A month’s supply of diapers, seventy-five dollars; a growing library of parenting books; one hundred dollars; a quick run into Baby Gap to buy a new outfit because he spit up all over the one he’s wearing now, fifteen dollars.  Taking time away from writing this sermon to hold my baby boy, priceless.  There are many things money can buy.  What it can’t are the precious and quiet moments of awe and wonder with my son.

Karen and I are fortunate so far.  Ezra is healthy;...

Rabbi Janet Marder
May 8, 2004

How Do We Know When to Follow the Torah? (For Emma Berke-Williams)

If you ever spend time with little kids, you’ll notice immediately that they tend to ask a lot of questions. They wonder about everything they see; everything makes an impression on them, and their favorite words are “why” and “how come”? Sadly, asking questions is a habit that we tend to grow out of as we grow up. That’s a pity, because curiosity – the ability to wonder about the world – is the seed of all true learning.

Here at Beth Am we want to cultivate our...

Rabbi Janet Marder
May 7, 2004

A Test of Character

Parkinson’s Disease

While spoon-feeding him with one hand
she holds his hand with her other hand,
or rather lets it rest on top of his,
which is permanently clenched shut.
When he turns his head away, she reaches
around and puts in the spoonful blind.
He will not accept the next morsel
until he has completely chewed this one.
His bright squint tells her he finds
the shrimp she has just put in delicious.
Next to the voice and touch of those we love,
food may...

Cantor Kay Greenwald
April 30, 2004

It was 25 years ago. My BFF from high school – I’ll call her Mary -- was home from college for the summer. This was a big deal because Mary hardly ever came home for the summer – she usually stayed in Walla Walla where summer jobs for college students were plentiful. Her family did not have a lot of money and those summer jobs helped to keep Mary in college.

Somehow, Mary had found a cheap sub-let for the summer. She invited me to join her and help out with the rent. In truth, over the few...


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