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6th-7th Grade Programs

Lunch & Learn (6th-9th Grades
CANCELLED: Camp Beth Am (5th-8th Grades)
Beth Am Junior Youth (6th-8th Grades)

Sunday Lunch* & Learn: Students to get to know their peers who are all working for a common good. Contact:

6th grade builds on the concept of community by allowing students to mingle and mix with each other during lunch. The curriculum introduces the concept of Jewish values and mitzvot and how students can learn and live by them as they become young men and women. The lesson will include music, art and lots of discussions between students / students and students / teachers.

7th grade builds on the concept of community by allowing the students to mingle and mix with each other during lunch. Team building and group cooperation are essential components of the class development. The curriculum begins with additional mitzvot and values that pertain to students' daily lives. 7th graders will also explore ways to use music and media to develop Jewish identity and connection. Students learn to articulate how Jewish music is a type of midrash (an interpretation of a Jewish text), and focus on identifying core Jewish principles that are embedded in Jewish rock music.

*Note: Beth Am provides a variety of kid-friendly meals and water during each session. If your student has special dietary needs of any kind, please contact us at

CANCELLED: Camp Beth Am (5th-8th Grades): Due to current circumstances, Camp Beth Am has been cancelled for the coming year.

Beth Am Junior Youth — BAJY (6th-8th Grades): Beth Am Junior Youth (BAJY) provides 6th-8th graders the opportunity to plan and lead fun, educational Jewish experiences for each other. The BAJY Leadership Council is composed of students who brainstorm ideas for events and then host the events. We meet once a month, and new council members are welcome. Previous events have included rock climbing, cupcake wars, limos and latkes, and trampolining. Contact:
Chelsea Mandell, Teen Education Program Director

Thu, August 13 2020 23 Av 5780