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Youth Hebrew Learning

Beth Am Hebrew students attend Hebrew one day per week, in addition to their selection for Judaica. Hebrew Class, Small Group and Individual Tutoring options are all available. 3rd graders learn how to read Hebrew letters and vowels; 4th and 5th graders mix learning modern Hebrew and traditional prayers; and 6th graders focus on prayer. The optional semester in 7th grade focuses on prayer as well as student interests, and is geared to students whose B'nei Mitzvah fall in spring or summer of their 7th grade year or later. Hebrew Program classroom learning is fun, with an emphasis on experiential learning for students.

Beginning in third grade, Jewish learning at Beth Am expands to two days a week: one Judaica program and one Hebrew program. Four years of both Judaica and Hebrew programs are required for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony at Congregation Beth Am.

Hebrew Program Goals
Individual & Small Group Hebrew Tutoring
Beit Midrash

 Beth Am's Hebrew Program has four main goals:

  1. Students will use the Hebrew language, getting a taste of spoken Hebrew that helps contextualize Jewish values, history and culture.
  2. By studying Modern Hebrew, students will experience Hebrew as a living language and develop a sense of connection with the State of Israel and the Jewish people. Hopefully, this learning will encourage them to pursue further Hebrew studies in high school and college and encourage travel to Israel.
  3. Students will become familiar with and explore the meanings of the Jewish prayers that they will encounter most often throughout their lives. They will be encouraged to ask questions about God and spirituality, and to develop a sense of how the prayers are relevant to them.
  4. Students will learn basic Hebrew reading skills, and they will emerge from Hebrew program ready to begin preparation for B’nei Mitzvah.

 Individual & Small Group Hebrew Tutoring: In Hebrew tutoring, students meet with a tutor for 22 sessions, and learn the regular Hebrew curriculum. Tutoring may be done at Beth Am or at students’ homes. Tutoring schedules are determined directly by tutors and parents. Hebrew tutoring options are:

Individual Tutoring: Students work one-on-one with a Beth Am tutor who is trained in our programs (and often a teacher in our programs). Sessions are 45 minutes long.

Small Group Tutoring—for returning small groups only: Groups are made up of 2-4 returning students, and students learn from a Beth Am tutor. Sessions are one hour long. Note: This option is for students who are continuing in existing small groups. New groups are not forming at this time.

Note: Unfortunately, due to the high cost of providing personal tutoring, we will not be able to offer scholarships for students for individual and small group tutoring.

Beit Midrash Program: The final six months of preparation happen in our Beit Midrash program, during which students meet regularly with their fellow students and spend some time working individually with a Bar/Bat Mitzvah tutor and our clergy. Learn more about Beit Midrash.

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