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We believe Reform Judaism offers a path to life filled with meaning, joy and spiritual fulfillment.

Follow your own personal Jewish journey with us.

When you become a Beth Am member, you join a warm and friendly congregation.

Our members form deep, long-lasting friendships, enrich their lives through shared learning, celebrate joyous occasions together and support one another in times of need. Beth Am members come from diverse backgrounds and family configurations, and everyone is welcome, including single adults, intermarried couples, multi-ethnic, LGBTQIA+ and single-parent families.

We invite you to discover your spiritual home at Beth Am.

We are individuals and couples; we are families with young children.

We are seniors and students, and empty nesters.

We are LGBTQIA+ and their allies, Jewish and interfaith, and we represent every race.

We are single parents, blended families, widows and widowers.

Joining Beth Am offers you:

  • gatherings, large and small, to help you connect and build friendships
  • eligibility to enroll your children in our innovative youth education programs, designed to instill a love of Judaism in children from kindergarten through high school
  • a broad array of worship, educational, cultural and social opportunities for all ages
  • complimentary tickets to a variety of meaningful High Holy Day worship services and study sessions
  • pastoral care, including the services of our clergy for lifecycle events, times of difficulty and bereavement
  • a subscription to our monthly newsletter "The Builder" and to our weekly enewsletter
  • access to the Union for Reform Judaism, the national organization of the Reform Movement
  • connection to ARZA (Association of Reform Zionists of America) and the WUPJ (World Union for Progressive Judaism) and
  • knowing that you strengthen Beth Am, the Jewish community and the world

At Beth Am, membership is based on a "fair share" policy.

We ask members to make an annual financial commitment commensurate with their individual giving ability. No individual or family will be denied membership due to financial circumstances.

About Our Fair Share Policy
In the tradition of Beth Am’s founders, who envisioned a congregation accessible to all, regardless of means, we are firmly committed to welcoming all people. We do not want anyone to forgo membership solely for financial reasons. If you have a question about membership, please contact our Executive Director for a confidential discussion.

Membership Types

Fair Share Membership
Each member commits to provide a “Fair Share” of the necessary support of the congregation, its mission and its activities. Members self-select a contribution level based on financial ability that is calculated from total household income received from all sources (earned and unearned).

Youth Education Incentive Fair Share Membership
For families who enroll in our youth education K-2 program when joining, your first year of youth education K-2 tuition can be free. Pay only Fair Share Membership.

Young Adult Membership
We offer individuals and couples under the age of 36 the opportunity to join at reduced full membership rate of just $36 per year!

Transitional Fair Share Membership
We offer step-up to full membership rates for individuals and couples from age 37 to 40 to help transition from Young Adult Membership to Fair Share Membership.

Associate Membership
We offer associate membership rates for individuals and couples who are full members of another congregation.


Membership form - part 2

Please click here when you are ready for Part 2 of the membership form.

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