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Mission and Values: Our Vision for the Future

Our Mission
Who We Are
What We Do

Our Mission: We strive to live as a holy community whose study and practice of Judaism inspires and challenges us to "do justice, to love kindness and to walk humbly with our God" (Micah 6:8).

Who We Are: Beth Am is a dynamic multigenerational synagogue founded in 1955 to be a center of Reform Jewish life on the Peninsula. Our beautiful glass-walled sanctuary reflects our openness to the world around us, and our commitment to welcome all people with warmth and respect.

Celebrating Shabbat with joy and peace is at the heart of our life together. Beth Am is nationally known for our outstanding educators and innovative programs in youth, adult and family learning. Our compassionate clergy provide personal attention and pastoral care; they inspire us to care for one another in simcha and in sorrow.

What We Do
Our Vision for the Future: We fulfill our mission through four pillars of congregational life: worship and spiritual living; lifelong learning; acting as a caring and welcoming community; and the pursuit of tzedek (acts of justice and service). Indeed, each pillar is deeply connected with the others: acts of justice can be an expression of spiritual life; learning together creates community, a strong community enriches learning and increases our ability to defend the vulnerable. Supporting all of this, our operations, from the most mundane to the most holy, reflect our values and uphold our mission.

Worship and Spiritual Living. With Shabbat, our greatest treasure, at the core of our congregational life, we support spiritual activities in community and individually, in the home and in nature as well as in the Sanctuary. We welcome skeptics and seekers, and recognize that there are many paths to Jewish spiritual growth.

Learning. At any age, Jewish study provides us with intellectual challenge, moral guidance, spiritual enrichment, and the opportunity to form deep and sustaining friendships. Our goal is not only to gain Jewish knowledge, but to taste its abundant rewards – to understand how Judaism can help us live better, more joyful and purposeful lives.

Community. At Beth Am, we can share the truth about our lives: our authentic selves and deepest questions.  We help each other when we are strong, and seek help from each other when we need it. We recognize the divine spark in every individual, valuing people without regard to age, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability level or financial station, and honoring love and family in many configurations.

Justice. Inspired and guided by the values of Jewish tradition, we work together to defend the vulnerable, uphold civil and human rights, protect our natural resources for future generations, seek peace, and build a more just and equitable society. Through significant signature projects, ongoing service to those in need, and in response to emerging injustices, all aspects of synagogue life promote the work of social justice.

Operations. In addition to the four pillars of our work, we execute our operations in a manner consistent with the highest Jewish values: honesty, fairness, compassion and respect for all. Our operations allow us to achieve our congregational mission, now and in the future.

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