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As the world's population approaches 7 billion, we Jews are cognizant of our mandate to protect, nurture and care for our world. The commandment "Bal Taschit" enjoins, "Do not destroy things from which humanity may benefit." [Deuteronomy 20]

Community Supported Agriculture: Beth Am is excited about our ongoing partnership with Eating With the Seasons, a local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. Jewish tradition, beginning with the book of Genesis, discusses the importance of "tilling and tending" the earth. While most of us no longer live or work on farms, we still recognize the importance of caring for the earth. One way in which to do this is to provide financial support to farmers who care for the earth. Through CSA programs, we also get to enjoy delicious produce!

Each Thursday, Eating With the Seasons drops off fresh, local and organic produce to Beth Am that is grown at small farms on the Central Coast. If you have any questions about participating in this worthwhile program, please visit Eating With the Seasons.

Tue, September 21 2021 15 Tishrei 5782