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Pursue Justice: Become Involved!

After a full and action-packed election season, including sending post-election postcards to turn out the vote in Georgia for the Senate run-off (above is a photo from a postcarding party), the Pursue Justice committee undertook a postcarding campaign of their own. At our Chanukah party, we wrote thank you postcards to our representatives, legislators and election workers in every state. Thank you to everyone who came to spread the light of gratitude while enjoying latkes and sufganiyot!

In 2023, Pursue Justice will focus on dark money, turning out the youth vote, reproductive rights and other issues that impact our ability to have our voice and vote count. Stay tuned for upcoming actions and ways to get involved!

Speaking of reproductive rights, Pursue Justice is proud to be a co-sponsor, with Beth Am and Beth Am Women, of the NCJW Repro Shabbat on Friday, February 17. We hope you’ll join us as Beth Am welcomes Shira Zemel, Co-Director of National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW)'s abortion access campaign as our Shabbat speaker.

A call-to-action for you: Learn more about the ADL’s REPAIR Plan and help to stop online hate and harassment by holding tech companies accountable. Visit, then click the big TAKE ACTION button to send a letter to your representative.

The Pursue Justice Committee engages in non-partisan, pro-democracy work through voter engagement. Sign up to be on our mailing list.


Tue, April 16 2024 8 Nisan 5784