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What Congregants Have to Say

Beth Am means home to me, as it did for my parents who helped found Beth Am, and for my children — as I hope it will for my grandchildren. L’dor va-dor from generation to generation. —Linda Kurz. Find out what other congregants have to say about Beth Am.

About: Beth Am is a warm and friendly congregation. Our members form deep, long-lasting friendships, enrich their lives through shared learning, celebrate joyous occasions together and support one another in times of need. Beth Am members come from diverse backgrounds and family configurations, and everyone is welcome, including single adults, intermarried couples, multi-ethnic, LGBT and single-parent families. 

Life-long learning, spiritual growth and service to others are at the heart of our community. Our congregation is at the forefront of the Reform movement in offering a rich variety of educational opportunities – not only for children, but for families to study together and for adult learning at many levels. Our worship and learning are focused on helping all members to deepen their exploration of Judaism and connect personally to the tradition. We come together, above all, for the sake of tikkun olam – working to repair the world through acts of compassion and justice.

Get to Know Us: Attend Shabbat or holiday services, take a class, try out our free monthly films or any activity that interests you. Browse the rest of this website for more information about who we are and what we do, and you will find detailed information about upcoming events on our monthly calendar. We look forward to seeing you on campus and welcoming you to our congregational family.

Frequently Asked Questions: Get answers to some commonly asked questions by reading the FAQs.

Special Membership Programs

Aleph Bet Program: Beth Am is continuing to offer our popular introductory plan (called the Aleph Bet membership) for families who enroll in our youth education program. Through the Aleph Bet program, you can register for our outstanding youth education programs, and the privileges of full membership will be included with your registration fees at no additional cost. The Aleph Bet program is designed to provide you with a taste of all Beth Am has to offer during your first year at the congregation. We hope that by sampling a wide range of activities, you will develop connections, make new friends and build relationships for years to come.

36/36 Program: Beth Am is also offering a special program for anyone 36 or younger. We invite you to join for just $36 a year!

Tour / More Information: If you would like to take a tour or receive information on membership, please contact the Beth Am office at (650) 493-4661, or complete the form below. Our office hours are Monday through Thursday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Friday 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. You can always leave us a message.

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