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Sustainability – Why Each Little Step Matters

Members of the Beth Am Dayenu* Circle are often asked, “How can anything I do as an individual matter? These matters need to be handled at the national level.”

First, we would all agree that sustainability matters must be handled at the national level. In fact, the Beth Am Dayenu Circle works with the national Dayenu organization to coordinate efforts toward creating our sustainable future. Second, the Beth Am Dayenu Circle has five different Action Groups, including a Legislative Policy and Action Group. We are all about working at the local, the state and the national level!

And — we have Action Groups dedicated to Sustainable Investing, Sustainability at Beth Am, Personal and Consumer Sustainability, and Engaging Youth in Sustainability. Why all of these other groups? Because what we do as individuals does matter. People listen more to those who walk the walk as well as talk the talk. Our product choices, and the letters we write, do make a difference to manufacturers and corporations. The more people who join us in these efforts, the more power we can bring to these areas — thereby bolstering the efforts of our Legislative Policy and Action Group.  

Please visit and join us!

*Dayenu is a non-denominational Jewish Climate Action organization with close to 80 chapters across North America (

Wed, May 29 2024 21 Iyar 5784