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April Tzedakah Box: Hagar — Jewish Arab Education for Equality

Hagar is the only integrated, bilingual educational institution for Jewish and Arab residents in the South, and one of only a few such institutions in all of Israel. Hagar was founded in 2006 by Jewish and Arab parents activists living in the Negev who believed that building a community space and bilingual educational system based on the values of tolerance and mutual respect would break down the wall of fear and ignorance that separates the Arab and Jewish people. Hagar operates a private daycare, public pre-k, kindergarten and an elementary school through sixth grade Hagar operates with the belief "that our community and schools provide a solution to the sad reality in which Jewish and Arab children attend separate schools and parks, do not know each other and do not know each other's language. A situation where, despite being geographical neighbors, in the Negev and in Israel, Jews and Arabs are living in parallel worlds, without a chance to meet or engage in meaningful dialogue."   

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Sat, May 15 2021 4 Sivan 5781