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President's Column by President Andy Cheng

Sacred Beginnings

Over 18 months ago, our congregation kicked off the Senior Rabbi Transition process by outlining five primary stages. I couldn’t be more thrilled to be entering the final stage of the process as we offer a warm welcome and begin “Saying Hello” to Rabbi Morrison.

It’s fitting that during this moment of our reading in the Torah, our sacred text also speaks of a leadership transition between Moses and Joshua (Numbers 27:12-22). Furthermore, we learn that effective leadership requires the continued collaboration between a group of individuals — working side by side towards a common goal.

In fact, I'm reminded by Rabbi Morrison’s remarks during our special congregational meeting this past February: “A basic building block of Judaism is a relationship. We cannot do Judaism alone.” I look forward to building and nurturing my own relationship with Rabbi Morrison as we accomplish our sacred work together.

We hope you’ll join Beth Am’s next Summertime Chat on Sunday, July 12 at 7:00 PM where we’ll facilitate a (not so) late night conversation with Rabbi Morrison.



Sun, August 9 2020 19 Av 5780