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Alan Warshaw  — Leveraging an Employee Benefit to Help Others

Nominated and written by Shelley Hebert

During the eight years that he has been an employee of Apple, Alan Warshaw has become very knowledgeable both about the company’s products and about how its corporate philanthropy program can increase the impact of his personal giving and volunteer time.

Like many large companies, Apple matches financial donations by employees to nonprofit organizations on an annual basis.

His active involvement between November and March in promoting participation in the World Zionist Congress elections, involving many hours of volunteer effort,  and when he has donated blood at the Stanford Blood Center, have resulted in financial contributions to the nonprofits.

The company sometimes increases the hourly contribution for volunteering time, as it did recently in relation to Martin Luther King Day. “Apple wants to encourage employees to give back and help the community,” Alan said, noting that in relation to a wide range of disaster relief emergencies (from Northern California fires to hurricanes to COVID-19) and social or civic issues (such as combating racism), specific charities are suggested to employees for their consideration.

Alan also quickly learned the process to nominate nonprofit organizations to be added to the donation eligibility list, including  Women of the Wall, Jewish Women’s Theatre and the Museum of Southern Jewish Experience. He focuses on U.S. and Israel, knowing that Apple’s international workforce will see the organizations he supports on the list.

To Alan, it is the most valuable part of the employee benefits package he receives from the company. Thanks to that perspective, his job comes with a different kind of paycheck — one with great value to the communities and causes that mean so much to him.

Tue, January 26 2021 13 Sh'vat 5781