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July 20: Your search committee

07/20/2023 02:07:43 PM


The Building of the Tabernacle

Moses said, Take from among you gifts to יהוה; everyone whose heart is so moved shall bring them—gifts for יהוה:

And everyone who excelled in ability and everyone whose spirit was moved came, bringing to יהוה an offering for the work of the Tent of Meeting.

And the artisans said to Moses, “The people are bringing more than is needed for the tasks entailed in the work that יהוה has commanded to be done.”

Exodus 35:4-36:5

Fellow congregants,

We are delighted to share that, after much deliberation, we have identified your Search Committee.  As mentioned last week, over 30 talented and passionate congregants offered to help with the search process. We sought committee members who reflect a range of perspectives and backgrounds, who are good listeners and astute assessors, and who are willing to step up to the significant time commitment that the coming months will bring. Here is your search committee (login required), with the unique gifts they bring to the process.

In addition to the Search Committee, we are also gathering a Search Advisory Group, which will ensure that the broadest possible range of perspectives is reflected.  That group is still in formation, and will be finalized shortly.

Looking ahead, the Search Committee will have its first workshop at Beth Am this Sunday.  Priorities will include creating a brit of our commitments to each other; refining the responsibilities of the Search Advisory Group;  and framing out a multi-faceted approach to collecting congregant input. 

If you see any of the new Search Committee members, please thank them for their service.  And feel free to reach out to all of us at with comments or questions. Our next update will be July 27.  


Deb Radin, Ben Lloyd and Loree Farrar
Senior Rabbi Search Co-chairs


Wed, June 12 2024 6 Sivan 5784