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Support Israel

We continue to grieve for the families who lost loved ones on October 7th and pray for the immediate return of all the remaining hostages being held in Gaza. As a community, we know that we are not whole; a rise in antisemitism locally and nationally, the threats of an expanded regional war, the constant anxiety and discomfort of going to school or work.  

As a Beth Am community, we continue to support Israel and find ways that our community can strengthen one another. We pray that this violence will end swiftly, that no more innocent lives are lost, and that Israel should know peace once again. We join our brothers and sisters in Israel in mourning the loss of life, and stand in solidarity with all those risking their lives to defend Israel. Am Yisrael Chai — the Jewish nation lives!
Learn how you can #StandWithIsrael:

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  • The History from the Ottoman Empire to the Horror of October 7th — Webinar With Einat Wilf
    Presented by Congregation Beth David
    Sunday, June 9, 10:30 AM, Zoom

    Former Israeli Knesset member and foreign policy writer Einat Wilf returns on Zoom, to give insight on the causes leading up to the current war. Appearing online for us, live from Israel, she will discuss how Jewish and Arab communities each in the land for centuries have evolved, leading to the conflict today and possible hope for peaceful resolution in the near future. For security reasons, you MUST have a Zoom account before registering. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. (If your registration comes back "unauthorized," please go to and click on the "Sign Up Free" button. It is easy to sign up.)

  • Jewish Bay Stands With Israel — Events, Advocacy, Fundraising, Bring Them Home
    Choose how to be active and support the cause. LEARN MORE about upcoming events.

  • Run for Their Lives Weekly Walk
    Sundays, 12:30 PM, Starting From Congregation Etz Chayim, Palo Alto

    Run for Their Lives is a global movement founded by Israelis in the Bay Area. Their mission is to raise awareness for the hostages held in Gaza. Each week, groups worldwide come together for family-friendly walks or runs lasting 18 minutes. Participants wear red shirts and carry flags representing the 28 nationalities of the hostages. So far there are 70+ groups across the globe, with new ones joining daily. Our Palo Alto group walks every Sunday at 12:30pm, meeting in front of Etz Chayim. Join the silent WhatsApp group for location updates and to participate.


  • Support Israel and Combat Antisemitism in Our Schools and Cities

    Looking to support Israel in the Bay Area and not sure how? Want to speak at a city council meeting, but don’t know when the next one will be? Follow the Jewish Bay Area calendar and stay up to date with the most important Israel advocacy events in the Bay Area. Check out for more information where you can find all events, activities and Israel topics by Jewish Bay Area organizations.

  • Calling All Knitters! Knit Caps for IDF Soldiers
    Rosann Palermo Fleischauer, a local published knitting entrepreneur, designer and industry consultant, has been working with her counterparts in Israel to knit 150,000 black wool caps for IDF soldiers to wear under their metal helmets (must not be acrylic for safety). She is reaching out to interested and concerned citizens to help in this effort. Please see the instructions document for further explanation, pattern, etc. for the project, and share with anyone that you think might be interested in helping. This is a useful and helpful gesture of support to Israeli troops at this difficult time.

  • Urge Congress to Help Release Hostages Held by Hamas
    Reach out to your lawmaker in Congress today to urge swift action to support the hostages, providing them medical care and negotiating their release. Congress must do everything in its power to ensure the immediate release of Americans as well as all of the hostages. Use the online form to send an email to your Senators and Representative. (The letter will autopopulate for your elected officials after you submit your contact information.)

  • Save a Seat for a Hostage at Your Shabbat Table
    Jewish tradition teaches us that it is our duty to work towards the release of the hostages. The Talmud calls this work a mitzvah rabbah, a great mitzvah. As we enter Shabbat this week, and each week until the captives are safely and securely returned, National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) invites you to use their kit to save a seat at your Shabbat table for one of the 200+ hostages still being held by Hamas in Gaza. LEARN MORE
  • Share your virtual messages with the Reform Movement in Israel.
    Outreach to family and friends in Israel is so needed and welcomed.  If you wish to leave a message of support or want to connect with one of the URJ's IMPJ congregations, please consider leaving a note on our virtual message board. Messages will be consolidated and sent.
  • Become an Ambassador
    Be the voices of those whose lives have been torn apart through the murder of their loved ones, those who are now being held by terrorist kidnappers for the “crime” of being Jewish, those facing critical injury, and for every single Israeli. The truth must be heard.


  • Donate $45 to the Hostages and Missing Families Forum and Receive the "Shavuot of Longing" Recipe Book
    As Shavuot approaches, Hostages and Missing Families Forum has launched the "Shavuot of Longing" project, which connects us through the heart and stomach to our dear brothers and sisters. The book contains 75 recipes in 180 pages, including the hostages' most beloved dishes. From the pastry they start their mornings with, to the warming winter soup, to the dessert that sweetens their hearts. MAKE A DONATION

  • The New Israel Fund (NIF) Emergency Safety Net Campaign: NIF is providing aid to Israelis, both Jewish and Arab, who have been affected; advocating for the immediate release of the more than 200 hostages being held captive by Hamas in Gaza; safeguarding human and civil rights in Israel and the occupied West Bank; and working to advance a shared, peaceful future for everyone in Israel. DONATE
  • The Ne'emah Foundation is raising funds towards the purchase of much needed sleeping bags for Company A, a reserved tank fighter unit currently engaged in the vital mission of purging Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Learn more in a letter (downloadable pdf) written by Moshiko Reshef, Director of Frontline Operations of Company A. Donations may be made online.
  • Kibbutz Magen, visited by Beth Am congregation on the 2016 Beth Am Trip to Israel. Click through to see photos from the visit, to read a message of appeal from Issy (Head of the Local Emergency Team at Kibbutz Magen) and to make a donation.
  • Bay Area Jewish Federation's Operation Iron Sword Emergency Fund to support victims of terror and help rebuild damaged infrastructure
  • IsraAID Emergency Fund to provide psychosocial support, stress relief activities and relief supplies for victims of the attacks in the south of Israel


Stay informed of the situation as it continues to unfold. Arm yourself with real information directly from the ground. Get news from Israeli news sites. Reach out to loved ones, friends and colleagues who are in Israel to understand their experiences. Here are just a few credible news sources:

Support Israel and Combat Antisemitism in Our Schools and Cities: Looking to support Israel in the Bay Area and not sure how? Want to speak at a city council meeting, but don’t know when the next one will be? Follow the Jewish Bay Area calendar and stay up to date with the most important Israel advocacy events in the Bay Area. Check out for more information where you can find all events, activities and Israel topics by Jewish Bay Area organizations.


So many of us feel hopeless and distraught right now. Please be in touch with any of the clergy if you need support during this difficult time. We pray for the safety of our loved ones and all those who are in danger, the release of the hostages, the healing of the wounded, and the comfort of the mourners. May there be a swift end to this war.

Wed, May 29 2024 21 Iyar 5784