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What Congregants Have to Say About Beth Am

"Joining Beth Am after a long period of non-affiliation has meant a great deal to me. Not only has the temple offered me new friends and an extended family but it has enriched my life by returning me to my Jewish roots." —Ellyne Rabin 

"Beth Am is the focus of our family's life. We now have three generations of our family actively participating and this is our 45th year of membership... Torah and Talmud are studied not only for content, but as a blueprint for life." —Ron Kaye

"Beth Am is a holy place filled with people doing God’s work. It exudes warmth, caring, and love. Whether it be voices raised in songs of praise and worship, its many tzedaka opportunities, the camaraderie in one of the many study sessions or the simple greetings and hugs exchanged in the corridors, Beth Am to me is a beautiful community that exemplifies the power of God’s love." —Debbie LaFetra

"I feel so exhilarated to know that here at Beth Am is an oasis of integrity, and that my family can look to our community as a living example of hope and goodness." —Lori Plante

Thu, November 26 2020 10 Kislev 5781