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Mishebeirach (Healing Prayer) List

Each week during the Friday evening Shabbat service, Beth Am clergy read names aloud of those in need of healing just before the recitation of the Mishebeirach (Healing Prayer). If there is someone in need of healing whose name you would like be mentioned, please provide us with their name(s) (Hebrew or English) to add to the list. Multiple names may be separated by a comma.

***In order to protect people's privacy, please only submit the names of those from whom you have received permission.***

Submitted names will remain on the list for four Shabbats, so you will need to resubmit your loved ones' names for each month you would like for them to be read. Names submitted after 2:00 PM on Friday will be added to the following week's list.
Please include any guidance on how to pronounce their name. (e.g., Goldstein - pronounced "steen")
Sat, April 13 2024 5 Nisan 5784