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Streaming FAQs

Q: What time will streaming of a live service/event begin?
A: Typically, streaming will begin approximately three minutes before the scheduled start time of the service/event.

Q: What prayerbook does Beth Am use and where can I get a copy so that I can follow along?
A: Our prayerbook for indoor services is the CCAR's Mishkan T'filah, Shabbat version. If you watch our stream often, please consider purchasing a prayerbook, available online from CCAR Press or Amazon. If you purchase the book on Amazon, be sure to shop through AmazonSmile to help generate funds for Beth Am! (For summer services held in the Outdoor Chapel, we use a custom printed booklet. )

Q: How can I support streaming at Beth Am?
A: Donations to Beth Am to help make streaming possible are always appreciated. Many thanks to the Beth Am Men’s group and an anonymous congregant who have underwritten the cost of the equipment.

Q: Why is the image on my screen suddenly blurry?
A: The streaming service provider (Streamspot) continuously monitors the quality of your internet connection to send you the highest quality video that can be supported. If your connection becomes unstable or too slow to support high definition video, the service provider will automatically reduce the stream to a lower resolution, which appears as pixelation or a less sharp image. This helps prevent the video from buffering or freezing. If the connection improves, Streamspot automatically "turns up" the resolution to high definition. This problem can often be avoided by making sure your wifi signal is strong and that you are connected to a high-speed internet service.

Q: I notice that the video camera does not move and track individuals on the stage. Why is that?
A: At this time, we do not have a camera operator (except during the High Holy Days). We set the video camera frame to capture a wide a view of the front of the room without losing too much detail of participant faces.

Q: Can I see the service/talk again afterwards?
A: We generally post the video and transcripts of sermons and speakers remarks within a few days of the event. The full service recordings are saved in an internal archive for a limited period of time, not published online. Sermons are available in our sermon archive and lectures are available in our video archive.

Q: Can I see the service/talk again afterwards?
A: We generally post the video and transcripts of sermons and speakers remarks within a few days of the service/event.

  • Sermons are available at: [link to come]
  • and lectures are available at: [link to come]

Q: Why do I see private broadcasts listed?
A: Hosts of certain lifecycle and other events may choose to limit access streaming to friends, family and guests. We provide passwords for the hosts to share with their viewers.

Q: Explain the two viewing windows, how do I tell where to look?
A: We have separate systems in the Sanctuary and Beit Kehillah where most of streamed events take place. To enable us the option to stream simultaneously from both locations, we have video feeds for both displayed on our streaming webpage. When we are live streaming in just one location, one video feed will be live while the other is dark. The location can be usually identified in the services or featured events calendar.

Q: How long do recordings remain available?
A: Although they are currently available indefinitely from our hosting site at Vimeo, we cannot guarantee that they will remain there.

Q: How do I get a copy of a special event or blessing that occured during a service that is not available online?
A: You may send an email to with your request. We will try to honor all reasonable requests.

Q: How do I view services on Facebook?
A: Erev Shabbat services are streamed to Facebook. If you have “liked” Beth Am’s Facebook page, you will receive alerts from Facebook when the stream starts. Note: Service recordings will expire from Facebook on the Monday following the service.

Q: How do I view streaming on my TV?
A: Most computers, cell phone and tablets can be connected to a modern TV by HDMI. Many smart TVs have web viewers. Note: Beth Am is not able to provide instructions regarding device connectivity. Please check your device manual or search online for instructions regarding how to connect your particular device.

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